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Teachers need both a repertoire of instructional strategies and resources for their Teacher Toolkit. The Teacher Toolkit includes hundreds of templates, tools, cheat sheets, resources, and infographics. Teacher Toolkit rev

I continually add new resources so you’ll want to check this page often to see what new categories and resources I’ve added! In addition, check out my Pinterest page where 1,000+ followers enjoy 60+ boards and over 1,300 pins – all to support your literacy instruction, student learning, and technology needs.

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Toolkit Resources


Growing fluent readers is critically important to aid students in comprehending text. We have many resources here ranging from fluency rubrics (even for primary students!) to many reader’s theater scripts. Check out our Pinterest page as well for lots of scripts for all ages and follow us to keep updated on new boards and pins added weekly!

Fluency Resources


A broad and wide vocabulary is highly correlated to comprehension! Check out the many resources and templates here to build a richer and deeper word learning in your classroom. Find more word learning resources and word walls on my Pinterest page.

Vocabulary Resources

Cheat Sheets

Like Cheat Sheets? Check out these 4: Common Core Cheat Sheet, Twitter Cheat Sheet for Educators, & the Pinterest Cheat Sheet.

Cheat Sheets

Classroom Libraries

Classroom Libraries serve an important function in creating a literacy-rich environment for students. Check out the resources here and many more located on our Pinterest page. Follow us on Pinterest to keep updated on new boards and pins!

Cheat Sheets

Informational Text

The new Common Core Standards place an increased emphasis on informational text! Check out the many resources and templates here to help your students learn vocabulary and comprehend nonfiction and informational text. Find many more read aloud and nonfiction resources on Learning Unlimited’s Pinterest page. Follow us to keep updated on new boards and pins added weekly!

Info Text Resources


Check out Learning Unlimited’s 10 original Infographics featuring literacy topics such as vocabulary, a literacy-rich environment, the Common Core, classroom libraries, and more!


Phonics & Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic Awareness and Phonics skills are important building blocks for early readers. Follow us on Pinterest and look for phonics ideas that may work in your literacy stations, too! Phonics Resources


Active, engaged reading helps readers comprehend text! Click here to download templates such as Q-A-R and “buddy reader” templates that help students interact with text and build their comprehension.Comprehension Resources

Content-Area Reading

Reading in the content areas requires student to engage deeply and frequently encounter new vocabulary. Click the button for resources to support your students as they read complex text.Content Area Resources

Literature Circles

Book groups and literature circles help students engage deeply and have real conversation around text. Check out all the templates, classroom posters, themed book suggestions, and more to help you manage book groups in your classroom!

Literature Circle Resources

Reading Workshop

Many teachers include reading workshop in their balanced literacy program. Reading workshop often includes management structures such as The Daily Five, guided reading, literacy work stations, independent reading, and read alouds. Our Pinterest page includes specific resources in each of these areas – check out all of these resources and follow us there to keep updated on new boards and pins added weekly! Check out all the reading workshop resources here.

Reading Workshop Resources

Writing Workshop

Teachers frequently include writing workshop to support their balanced literacy approach to reading and writing instruction. Writing workshop often includes using mentor texts to support teaching writing skills. Click the button to get your writing workshop resources. Find many more resources on our Pinterest page which includes mentor texts, lots of ideas for writing centers, anchor charts and more! We’d love for you to follow us there to keep up to date – new pins added weekly!

Writing Workshop Resources

Reading Curriculum

Most schools and districts have committees charged with the task of choosing the next core reading program. Click the button to find resources to support your book selection process!

Curriculum Resources