Infographic | 5 Way Word Walls Can Support Word Learning

word wall ELL2Word walls offer a rich vocabulary resource for students and serve as a teaching a learning tool within the classroom.  Word walls are an important component in a language-rich environment that fosters and supports word learning for every student. Language-rich environments encourage reading, writing, and conversation which help build rich vocabularies and increase word learning.

Word walls belong in every K-12 classroom! They function as much more than a place to display words. Teachers – as they think about word walls – sometimes think only about words walls that are made up of high-frequency words arranged in alphabetical order. Word walls can and should be so much more! They serve as an important support for vocabulary and word learning across grade levels and content areas. Words walls will look different depending on the grade you teach, the content area for which you are responsible, and may include different words if you’re teaching in rural Indiana compared to a suburban or urban setting.

Create word words with students, change them up frequently, and use them as a resource for students to build a strong and diverse vocabulary.

We go into more depth in our new Blended Vocabulary book, but this simple infographic, created by @SolutionTree, summarizes 5 simple ways word walls can support word learning.

word wall infographic 600 pixels


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Kimberly has been a teacher, administrator, and literacy consultant who worked in districts across the country to improve student literacy achievement. She currently serves as an Educational Specialist with Solution Tree and project manager for large-scale PLC implementations. Her new book, Blended Vocabulary: Harnessing the Power of Digital Tools and Effective Instruction, was recently released in February, 2017.