Vocabulary is Key to Learning at Bronx M.S. 22 (and your school!)

Middle School students deepen word learning

Middle School students deepen word learning

Teachers at Jordan Mott Middle School (M.S. 22) in the Bronx, part of Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s Renewal Schools, have been working hard to increase student achievement. Under the leadership of Principal Edgar Lin, teachers have been engaging in job-embedded professional learning that addresses their students’ need for increasing their literacy skills.

Solution Tree has been supporting Jordan Mott’s school improvement efforts. As part of their work, I recently had the privilege of spending a few days with the dedicated and hard-working teachers there. My work focused on developing teacher’s understanding around three essentials for improving vocabulary instruction:

  • What is it?  (definition of vocabulary)
  • Why is it important?  (the urgency, especially among children in impoverished circumstances)
  • What works in the classroom?  (direct and indirect vocabulary strategies)

Using a blended approach to vocabulary instruction (featured in my upcoming book with @drangelapeery) – effective strategies, literacy environment, and digital tools – we worked together to learn instructional strategies to help students learn academic vocabulary – especially Tier 2 and Tier 3 words.

Read More About the Vocabulary Professional Learning at Jordan Mott

Beth Fertig (@bethfertig), a journalist with WNYC of National Public radio, recently featured the vocabulary work in which teachers are engaged. You can read about it here and listen to the story.

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Kimberly has been a teacher, administrator, and literacy consultant who worked in districts across the country to improve student literacy achievement. She currently serves as an Educational Specialist with Solution Tree and project manager for large-scale PLC implementations. Her new book, Blended Vocabulary: Harnessing the Power of Digital Tools and Effective Instruction, was recently released in February, 2017.