Infographic: Anchored Word Learning Strategy {12 Days: Tool 11}

Tool 11Anchored Word Learning: A Read Aloud Strategy

Anchored Word Learning, by Isabel Beck, is one of my favorite strategies for integrated word learning. The Anchored Word Learning strategy uses the power of read alouds to introduce targeted words  within context. Tradebooks and picture books provide excellent sources of higher-level, sophisticated words. Beck suggests selecting three, Tier Two words each time you read aloud. Tier Two words are high-utility, cross content words. In other words, carefully select words that you think your students will come upon again and again when reading or listening in various settings. With little preparation, you can easily incorporate the Anchored Word Learning strategy into your everyday read alouds.

{12 Days: Tool 11} is an Infographic that includes the simple steps for Anchored Word Learning as well as a brief explanation of the benefits of read alouds and a few facts about vocabulary.

Download today’s tool by clicking on the tag below the infographic.


Inforgraphic: Anchored Word Learning


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