18 Literacy Blogs to Check Out Today

BLOGLike many of you, I follow numerous literacy educators blogs and follow many more on Twitter. There are so many insightful literacy teachers, professors, and coaches that it’s hard to name just a few. Listed below are some of my favorite literacy blogs in no particularly intentional order. Although many of these blogs can fit in multiple categories, I attempted to loosely categorize them. Many of the short descriptions also come directly from their blog. Check them out and spread the literacy love.

1. Burkins and Yaris

Two knowledgeable and energetic literacy experts and authors. They blog regularly on diverse topics about reading and writing. In addition, they frequently share their love and passion for children’s literature. Always insightful.

Literacy Beat is a blog created by five friends who teach and research in the area of digital literacies – Dana Grisham, Jill Castek, Bernadette Dwyer, Bridget Dalton, and Thomas DeVere Wolsey. They share ideas, tools, resources and strategies for integrating technology, media, and Web 2.0 into teaching and learning.
Tim Shanahan (Past President of IRA, Co-Chair of National Literacy Panel for Language Minority Children and Youth, Member of National Reading Panel, Chair of Early Literacy Panel, Member of ELA Common Core State Standards Work Team) provides information on teaching and assessing reading and writing. While he posts on diverse topics, recent posts frequently focus on close reading, text complexity, disciplinary literacy, and other important aspects of the Common Core State Standards. While I don’t always agree with Shanahan, he always provides food for thought.
Given the importance of and my personal love of all thing vocabulary, I highly recommend Susan Ebbers’ (Author of Jamie’s Journey: The Savannah, Power Readers, and Vocabulary Through Morphemes) award-winning, research-based blog on morphological awareness and vocabulary growth. She hasn’t seemed to update recently, but you can always check out the archived posts and posts by many guest contributors who include Donald Bear, Andrew Biemiller, Doug Fisher, Nancy Frey, Michael Graves, Marcia Henry, P. David Pearson, and Tim Rasinski.
The celebrated educator and professor, Diane Ravitch’s blog is one you need to follow. Never one to shy away from controversial topics, her straight shooting is both expected and admired.
Kylene Beers, a great author and respected authority in literacy education, shares insights into literacy and general education policy and practices. I’ve always appreciate Kylene’s authenticity and practical approach to important issues.
Christopher Lehman, author and consultant, regularly blogs about how to effectively teach and engage students around reading and writing.
This blog, co-authored by Kate Roberts and Maggie Roberts, provide regular doses of inspiration to keep you on the right path as teachers of reading and writing.
Vicki Vinton, author and consultant, provides insightful blogs about all things reading and writing. I love her topics and interesting contributions – she always makes me think further about the given topics.

Children’s Literature

10. Nerdy Book Club

According to the site’s primary contributors – Donalynn Miller, Colby Sharp, and Cindy Minnich – if you love books, especially those written for children and young adults, then you are an honorary member of The Nerdy Book Club. Like them, you probably always have a book along to read, a title to recommend, and time to talk about works held dear. On their blog, they share their love of reading and award annual Nerdies Book Club Awards.

11. Jen Robinson’s Book Page

In this blog, Jen promotes the love of books by children and the continued reading of children’s books by adults. A must-follow site if you want to (try) to keep up on the latest in children’s and adolescent literature.

12. A Year of Reading

Like children’s literature? Check out two teachers (Franki Sibberson and Mary Lee Hahn) who read (and review). A lot.

13. The Adventures of a Library Girl

Jennifer LaGarde (aka Library Girl) is a school librarian who seeks to promote school libraries to support 21st century student learning. She uses her blog to ponder, share and rub her thoughts about libraries and student learning together until they catch fire or fizzle out.

14. Helping Readers Love Reading

According to his description, Brian Wilhorn has had his feet in the classroom, his nose in a book, and his finger on the pulse of children’s literature. His blog covers His love of reading transfers directly to his students – they beg, borrow, and steal (figuratively, of course) for more time to read. Brian is convinced that motivating readers becomes infinitely easier when they are given books worth reading, books they want to read, and created Help Readers Love Reading to share those books with other educators.
If you love picture books and use them as mentor texts, then you’ll want to check out this blog where Dawn Little, a Scholastic author and educator, shares specific ideas for how to use picture to teach literacy concepts.


Need a dose of inspiration and practical solutions to teaching writing. Then check out this blog whose five contributors supply more than an occasional dose of inspiration.
Although Corbet Harrison, a teacher and teacher-trainer, has moved most of his activity and posts to Pinterest, his informative and practical blog is chock full of practical ideas for good writing instruction. He also has a personal website jam-packed with tools and resources.
A blog written and managed by Ms. Warren’s class which features their brilliant writing and reading response work.

There you go. I’m sure you know others that I haven’t mentioned here. If so, feel free to add them in the comments below. Spare a little extra time for reading today and check these out. You’ll be glad you did.

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Kimberly has been a teacher, administrator, and literacy consultant who worked in districts across the country to improve student literacy achievement. She currently serves as an Educational Specialist with Solution Tree and project manager for large-scale PLC implementations. Her new book, Blended Vocabulary: Harnessing the Power of Digital Tools and Effective Instruction, was recently released in February, 2017.