{Infographic} 21 Digital Tools to Build Vocabulary

I previously published 21 Digital Tools to Build Vocabulary which has been widely read and quite popular with educators. The infographic below summarizes the 21 digital tools in four categories:  Reference Tools, Word Clouds, Games & Review, and Word Walls & more. For a more detailed description of each tool, I suggest you read the previous post which includes a brief description of each tool and implications for instruction.

A balanced approach to vocabulary instruction and word learning include both direct and indirect instructional strategies. These digital tools can help broaden your toolkit of resources, activities, and strategies that make up effective vocabulary instruction.

The infographic below summarizes 21 digital tools that can support and enhance your vocabulary instruction.

21 Digital Tools to Support Vocabulary | Learning Unlimited







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Kimberly is an educational consultant who works with district leaders to improve instructional effectiveness and student learning. No Tears for Tiers, a book about Common Core Vocabulary that she is writing, will be published by Solution Tree in 2014. In her other life, you'll find her in her gardens, biking, reading, or hanging out with her two teenagers (when they let her, that is).