Infographic: Recap of 12 Tools {12 Days: 12 Tools}

Tool 12{12 Days: 12 Tools} has been fun to share with you. Hopefully I’ve shared tools that will be of benefit to you and your colleagues. I trust as well that many of these strategies will contribute to student literacy learning.

Today, I’m recapping the 12 Tools. What better way to recap than with a holiday-themed {12 Days: 12 Tools} infographic. {12 Days: Tool 12} is an infographic summarizing the 12 Tools. Below the list of tools, I’ve included a breakdown that summarizes the number and type of tools shared.

Even today’s “12 Tools Recap” can be used for professional development. Does your staff need literacy resources? There are 8 literacy tools included in {12 Days: 12 Tools}. Are you or your staff new to social media? Then check out the 2 must-have social media “cheat sheets” for tips & tricks  – Day 4:  Twitter Cheat Sheet and Day 8: Pinterest Cheat Sheet. Getting your feet wet with the Common Core ELA Standards? Then download the Common Core Cheat Sheet (Day 3) which is part of our very popular Common Core Toolkit. Need to improve vocabulary instruction or make vocabulary a schoolwide or districtwide effort? Check out these vvocabulary strategies, tips, infographics, and templates listed below!

  • Day 1 – Top Tips for Word Walls [Downloadable Tips & Pictures of K-12 Word Walls]
  • Day 2 – Concept Circles – Vocabulary Strategy [Template]
  • Day 5 – Marzano’s 6-Step Vocabulary Process [Infographic of Steps]
  • Day 7 – Alphaboxes – Vocabulary Strategy [Template]
  • Day 10 – Infographic: Top 10 Characteristics of Effective Vocabulary Instruction
  • Day 11 – Infographic: Anchored Word Learning – Read Aloud/Vocabulary Strategy

If you’ve missed a few days, go back and download the cheat sheet, template, or infographic!

You can download today’s {12 Days Recap} by clicking on the tag below the infographic.

{12 Days: 12 Tools} Infographic Recap of 12 Tools


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Kimberly is an educational consultant who works with district leaders to improve instructional effectiveness and student learning. No Tears for Tiers, a book about Common Core Vocabulary that she is writing, will be published by Solution Tree in 2014. In her other life, you'll find her in her gardens, biking, reading, or hanging out with her two teenagers (when they let her, that is).
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